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With support from our founding and lead sponsor, the Amgen Foundation, we aim to grow our global science classroom dramatically over the years to come. Help us reach our goal of engaging 50 million learners and educators worldwide by 2025! Our mission is to promote equity, diversity, and accessibility in science education across the globe. By sharing LabXchange with your network, you can help give everyone, everywhere access to quality scientific learning resources for free.

Advocacy Toolkit

Learn more about LabXchange and how you can become an advocate.

Advocacy toolkit
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What is LabXchange?

This powerful digital tool makes high-quality science education accessible and gives learners and educators, everywhere, the courage to chart a meaningful path in science—for free. Watch the video below to learn more.

Three ways you can advocate

Sharing your love for LabXchange is easy, and we have made it even easier with our pre-made templates. Choose one of the options below to share LabXchange with your network.

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1. Email your network

One way to spread the word about LabXchange is by tapping into your network. Below, we provide customizable email templates to highlight what LabXchange offers and explain how to get started.


Send this email to a friend who would appreciate LabXchange.

Email: Friend template
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Send this email to a colleague, who is interested in science education.

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Send this email to a parent who could use LabXchange with their kids.

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Send this email to an educator, who could leverage LabXchange with their students.

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Send this email to a policymaker, who wants to keep up to date with the latest in science education.

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LabXchange helped me imagine using the tool and even doing methods that I had never directly done before. So, I can understand the reason behind the methods or tools. The biggest thing in LabXchange is the simulation part.

That is real, I feel like a scientist with amazing stuff. I could interact with professionals or educators as my mentor to give me suggestions, and advice about my study and career.

LabXchange is very helpful for me to demonstrate laboratories activity because of my university’s lack of lab stuff. With LabXchange I can imagine and use the lab stuff; although it is virtual, it's really fun and meaningful for me. Thank you so much!

Dwi Grawana Chalista
University Student, Sumbawa University of Technology
Sumbawa, Indonesia
April 6, 2023

The videos related to restriction enzymes were just amazing. They helped my biotechnology students relate the process or mechanism more clearly and effectively. &  What I like most about LabXchange are the easy illustrations of difficult concepts.

Niva Chhonkar
Secondary Educator, Delhi Public School R.K.
Puram, India
January 20,20

The sustainability of the continuous educational process is our key concern, and we are committed to working with our supporters to ensure that education continues. To this end, we are ensuring that digital content is of high quality. LabXchange, an interactive and practical tool, will be particularly useful for Ukrainian students.

Serhiy Shkarlet
Minister of Education
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2. Share on social media

One of the easiest ways to support LabXchange is to follow us on social media. Consider re-sharing our latest posts or tagging us in posts that you may create using some of our ready-to-use messaging.

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Attend a webinar!

Consider attending an upcoming webinar to learn more about how LabXchange is supporting science educators.

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3. Start a conversation

What are some key facts to share about LabXchange? Here are a few talking points to help you start a conversation.

By creating an online community for learning, sharing and collaboration, LabXchange is set to transform science education by fostering lifelong learning and opportunity for all.

LabXchange complements other Amgen Foundation programs that engage students in science and foster science learning, such as the Amgen Biotech Experience, Amgen Scholars Program, and Khan Academy.

The Amgen Foundation’s goal is to bring science to everyone, everywhere. We firmly believe that we must bring meaningful science education and engagement opportunities to not only prepare and inspire future scientists, but also to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to better understand and appreciate the role that science plays in society.

Made possible by the Amgen Foundation and Harvard University, LabXchange is a free online platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to experience science. LabXchange launched in January 2020 and, as of April 2024, has 46 million global users.

Advocacy Talking Points
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Share your story

How do you use LabXchange? We want to know! Share your story to help us make LabXchange an even better tool for learning and teaching science.

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Making a difference globally

With the Amgen Foundation's support, LabXchange makes a difference to learners from all walks of life, around the world. Explore our global impact by clicking the button below.

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We want to hear from you!

We are continuously working to make LabXchange even better for you and other educators, and we are very interested to hear about your experience using it. Sign up for a 15-minute phone call with our team to tell us how we can make our platform a perfect fit for you.

If you have additional questions, contact us.

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